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Jason Margolis - Fine Artist

Painting has always been a part of my being. Ever since I can remember I was drawing, painting, imagining and creating artistic worlds...

I never thought that this would become my career as an adult.

After completing my art studies and two years of travel, I fell into the world of creating murals quite by chance, and ended up literally painting the town "colourful". This gave me real hands on, practical education in making art work.

I have realised after 20 years of full time painting, that there can never be an end to learning.

My artwork is becoming more internal and subtle, yet more direct. My style ever freer and liberated. 

I continually strive to grow, experiment and improve the techniques in my work,  inspired by the Zen Master who said: "Open your mind wide as the sky". I aim to create art that brings joy and pleasure .....

Apart from art, I love being in nature; walking, swimming in rivers and the ocean, or just observing the world of natural beauty; and of course I can't do without good coffee and chocolate!

A Brief History

After a year of Graphic Design, I completed a two year fine art diploma at the Johannesburg Art Foundation.

Studies completed, I packed my bags and spent two years traveling - India, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Australia and New Zealand.

On my return I worked for two companies painting murals before starting my own business with my wife, Irene who is  a very talented artist as well as a super organiser. Together we have painted more walls than can be remembered, bringing to life varied environments - homes, businesses, schools, restaurants and much more.

We have had the joy of traveling to many parts of our beautiful country and overseas in the course of our work.

In 2000 we found ourselves in New Zealand for a year. I took the opportunity for a few months to focus on painting canvasses of the incredibly beautiful and 'other worldly' landscapes found in that country. I also had my first solo exhibition there.

On my return to South Africa, I had my first exhibition at home, and since then it has been pretty much painting all the way- mostly selling my paintings privately, doing commissions of all types, as well as murals.

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